FDA faces important decisions on regulation of e-cigarettes

Positive Health Benefits of Vapor Cigarettes Discussed by Tech-Cigarette.com

Research is also needed regarding the role of e-cigarettes in harm reduction, including reduced cigarette smoking and associated reduction of tobacco toxicant exposure,” Benowitz and Goniewicz recommended. Although e-cigarette vapor is likely less toxic than cigarette smoke, calling it safe is a stretch. Preliminary testings shows the vapor conatins number of toxins, including carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) and diethyline glycol, a substance commonly found in antifreeze.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.clinicaladvisor.com/fda-faces-important-decisions-on-regulation-of-e-cigarettes/article/303113/

GREATGLAS, INC. to Offer Vapor Tanks for E-Cigs

Positive health benefits of vapor cigarettes in 2013 have been felt specifically by those smoking enthusiasts who would like to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and opt for e cigs instead. Apparently, such smoking enthusiasts are always seeking ways and means of locating the most appropriate method of meeting their nicotine cravings, which is both effective as well as pleasant on the mental and physical health of the concerned individual. Hence, when a comparative analysis is made, it would not be incorrect to state that e cigs are free from carcinogens, tobacco, smoke, tar, ash, as well as over 4000 highly toxic chemicals that are always present in tobacco cigarettes. As per tech-cigarette.com , The positive health benefits of a vapor cigarette is best experienced when you quit tobacco cigarettes and opt for e cigs instead. In fact, the lack of all the toxins that are present in a regular cigarette shall help you experience a pleasant feeling, when you start puffing an e cig. To avail positive health benefits by puffing vapor cigarettes, please visit, http://www.tech-cigarette.com/ About Tech-Cigarette.com Tech-Cigarette.com is an e cigarette review website that has been striving to provide up to date reviews on all the top smokeless cigarette brands that are available internationally. The elite review panel has reviewed the top e cig brands for 2013 and rated them as well.
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Electronic Cigarettes Retailer Vapor Jedi Launches New Canadian Website

Flavors come in a wide variety, including fruits, foods, candy and drink flavors. More information is available on the new website or by visiting Vapor Jedi on Facebook. About Vapor Jedi: Vapor Jedi first opened in January 2013 with the goal of becoming a worldwide leader in the electronic cigarette and eJuice marketplace.
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FDA faces important decisions on regulation of e-cigarettes

These tanks are fire polished with open end grounds and are annealed two times in the annealing ovens. Side ports can also be placed in the clear borosilicate glasses smaller dimensions. GREATGLAS INC. also offers medications of vapor tank. The company can put etched design, personal and corporate names and popular designs. 3D effects and half-tones are also being produced.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/greatglas-inc-to-offer-vapor-tanks-for-e-cigs-284098.htm


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