E-cigarette stores boom in Minnesota after cigarette tax increase

Smokers use these battery-powered devices to inhale a water vapor that is often flavored and usually contains nicotine. The vapor doesn’t contain tar or carbon monoxide, and users can smoke a pack for about $1 per day. The recent $1.60 state tax increase on cigarettes went into effect on July 1, meaning that traditional smokers now pay $2.83 in tax for each pack. The tax only affects the nicotine in e-cigarettes, amounting to a few cents on the dollar. MegaVapes in downtown St.
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‘Vaping’ a healthier way for NZ


On the other hand, Altrias EV/EBIT is slightly higher than the industry average. Reynolds has the same EV/EBIT the industry has. These findings suggest, at face value, Lorillards current value is relatively low for the tobacco industry while Altrias is slightly high. Bottom line Lorillard and Reynolds offer interesting investment opportunities and even though the demand for cigarettes continue to dwindle, the growing e-cigarette industry could slowly pull back up their revenues.
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E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In Car, Couple Sues

Jennifer Ries and her husband, Xavier, of Corona, Calif. are suing the e-cigarette manufacturer VapCigs after its rechargeable battery caught fire. They were on their way to the Los Angeles International Airport for a volunteer trip to South America back in March, she told CBS News. She was charging a VapCigs e-cigarette when her husband thought he smelled nail polish remover.
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Two Tobacco Companies Worth Owning

Media campaign messages could be extended to include “quit and switch”. E-cigarettes may need legislation, possibly through a private member’s bill. In Britain e-cigarette use is confined to smokers and ex-smokers, with near-zero use by non-smokers and young people. Some fear e-cigarettes would re-normalise tobacco smoking, but this looks unlikely with e-cigarettes this year starting to threaten US cigarette sales. Vaping is banned on airlines, and though legally permissible indoors, in- your-face vaping would be socially unacceptable.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/comment/8904251/Vaping-a-healthier-way-for-NZ


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